SG Dividend stocks that provide (almost) monthly income for investors

I compiled a list of 20 or so dividend stocks with 3% yield or better.

The idea behind the list was to see if one could receive dividends on a monthly basis to achieve financial independence. Bearing in  mind that the payment months may differ this year for some of the listed stocks, it seems that January is the poorest month for a dividend stock investor, with no incoming dividends at all.  

I did a quick search on SGX website and found that most of the corporate actions in January were actually interest from bonds. It seems that to make up for Jan, the only way is to get some bonds allocation. If anyone has some good recommendations, please do give me your comments. 

In the meantime,  stay safe and observe good hygiene practices. 


  1. Ahhhhh. My dividend portfolio is somewhat influenced by this idea of a monthly payout as well. Pretty fun! REITs usually cater for 2/5/8/11 or 3/6/9/12.

    1/4/7/10 are the driest months. A simple way is to get 2 tranche of SSBs (Jan and Apr) and you'll have 12 months of (fluctuating) income.

    Kevin, Turtle Investor


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